My short films

Back to my university years, when I was exploring my creative options, I made two short films, which now may seem embarrassing. Writing won me over, but these two short films are here to remind me that creativity has to be expressed and not embarrass us, no matter how many years have passed by and despite the horrible resolution.


Consisted of random footage I shot over two years, this short film was screened at the 2nd Video Art Festival in Athens, 2006.
Music: Sigur RósSvefn-g-englar (WMG)


Wikipedia defines “nostos” as a theme used in Ancient Greek literature which includes an epic hero returning home by sea.

I shot this short film all alone one summer day on the island of Zakynthos, Greece, where I grew up. I am far from an epic hero, but I would become an expat a decade later. After living abroad for already ten years, I know that a common fear among expats is returning back and finding no one to wait for them.

Music: Kjartan Sveinsson – The Last Farm 5 (WMG)