Novel: The Island of the Righteous

A dying man’s last words point toward a tantalizing treasure, a forbidden love, and the secrets of a shattered family’s past.

1941, the island of Zante, Greece. Pantelis Kokkinis and his family live under the dark cloud of Italian occupation. As the horrors of the war draw nearer, reality for the Kokkinis family grows more and more fraught. Long-held secrets, raw emotions, and the fear of what’s coming leave them scrambling to hold their emotions in check and their family together.

A-life-in-a-moment-New cover

Novel: A Life in a Moment

“Never look back; you may only find what you left or let you go”, she told him one day. Now, though, it’s different. Vassilis has only a moment to reminisce all about his life: his childhood in Greece, the big family secret, the life-changing betrayal, the long train journey, the birth of a child, his new start in London, his ravishing love affair…

Picture book: Max & Timmy

When big and disobedient Max is abandoned by his family in a landfill, he chases away some wild stray dogs threatening weary Timmy. Indebted, Timmy begins to stubbornly follow Max, looking for a way to reciprocate. Max cannot even fathom how such a small and weak dog can help him. If only he knew…