The Island of the Righteous

The cover of the greek edition, published by Dioptra Books (Greece)

We are in 1943 on the Greek island of Zante. The German commander demands a list with all the Jewish residents. The Mayor and the Christian Bishop hand in a list with only two names: theirs. They say that Jews are no different to the Christians and the Bishop gives him also a letter to be sent to Hitler personally in which he reminds him of their acquaintance in Munich in 1924. In the meantime all 275 Jews are hidden away by the Christian population, making Zante the only place in the world where no Jews were arrested during WWII.

Young Violeta is one of them. Her family is hidden away in a Venetian villa, along with their family treasure, an invaluable coin collection 5 centuries old. Violeta meets Pantelis and, despite their different faith, they fall in love; but when one night the treasure is stolen, their secret affair gets jeopardised, as Violeta and Pantelis had spent that night together and now they are the only ones who know what actually happened to the treasure.

The secret of their love will become the vehicle for the reader to travel back to the 40s and follow the book’s characters while they are trying to survive a fierce war. They will prove to be the real heroes, the ones who manage to keep going despite the hunger, the unexpected losses and the betrayals by quislings.

The book is now available in English and in search of a publisher.

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