My Profession is… Human Resources Manager

Hi, I’m Dora Harsfalvy-Livos. I have an overall 16 years of professional experience in different areas of Human Resources Management and Talent Development.

Describe your profession to a 6-year-old child.

I help people to be happy and successful in their jobs and in their workplace.

What is the most common thing people say when they find out what you do?

Aha, so we should be careful with you!

What is the one thing they don’t ask but you would like them to?

What makes a top-notch HR Manager?

What is the biggest misconception you/others have had about your profession?

Many people think the role is more about administrative matters than strategy.

What is the one thing you are most proud of about your job?

A combination of things: I help others to realize their potential and thrive in their work environment. I shape leadership decisions and company culture. I contribute to making the organization a better place for its people.

Name the three things that require most of your attention each week.

Leadership coaching, HR process management, employee cases.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be successful in your profession?

Make sure you want to do it for the right reasons. If yes, find an organization whose core values align with yours, so you can work with people with similar mindsets and build and grow together.

What are the key leadership skills required to do your job well?

Be strategic, communicate clearly, create accountability, listen actively, welcome and lead change.
These stand out because of their criticality in influencing leadership who can make the best possible decisions for their people.

If you think of successful leaders in your space, what are their leadership qualities you admire?

Fairness, honesty, integrity, kindness, trust.

How would you like your profession to look in 10 years?

More consistent in terms of a) quality of HR professionals; b) the values organizations honor; c) More influential across the leadership board; d) More automated with intelligent HR tools.

Describe how your job can contribute to making the world a better place.

The more valued, content, balanced and motivated people are in their career and at their workplace, the more present they can be with their loved ones and the more they can give to their families. This leads to raising happier and inspired kids who make the world a better place.


I am currently holding an international HR Management role in Amazon in the EU HQ, Luxembourg. I joined the company in 2015 and spent the first three years in both individual contributor and management positions in EU Talent Acquisition focusing on leadership and high potential talent recruitment. In 2018 I transitioned to Talent Management and oversaw the European arm of a global leadership development program.

Prior to Amazon, I spent nine years in Executive Search, Learning and Talent development in top leading international companies and in the consultancy sector. In addition, I worked in organizational development and education in European Institutions and I ran my own Talent and Career Coaching practice as an entrepreneur.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management with HR specialization, a Master’s diploma in Sociology and I am certified as an international Coach. I am originally from Budapest, Hungary, and lived and worked in Brussels and London before moving to Luxembourg.

SL: As you may have realized by her surname, Dora is my lovely wife, who was kind enough to start off this blog series.